is a site dedicated to the visual works
of german artist jami wolfsberg.

at the time of their production, which lasted from
1997-2007, the visual works were an attempt to
reproduce the visions received in altered states
of mind; may this be in dreams, meditation, or trance-
like states either with or without using psycho-
active resources.

they were deeply influenced by surreal-, phantastic-,
and early psychedelic art, arguably the most crucial
strains of art in the last century.

the method basically used was a kind of advanced
Photo-Montage. no computers were used except in
the finalization of the works; everything was meti-
culously done by hand.

tons of photographies were selected, treated,
assembled, layered by printing them on overhead
transparencies, to finally be rephotographed from
a backlighted acrylic glass plate.

a term which may describe this process is ‘ visual
sampling ‘, yet by exclusively using time-proven
analogue techniques; or, to ‘ paint with light ‘ as
the ultimate goal.

the results may be regarded as representing various
realms of the so-called ‘ other side ‘, or ‘ beyond ‘ of
our current reality; it is settled on the inside of each
human being on the subconscious level of the mind.

these spiritual realms are of an utterly bizarre, my-
stical, and phantastic nature; the visual potential
of their landscapes, beings, and overall spectrum of
colors and patterns is boundless.

the aim at the time was to reproduce the rather vola-
tile imagery of the netherworld on a material level,
to mediate its existence to others; to provide a kind
of art which opens an observer’s mind to its vastness
and untold beauty, and thus, to maybe alter his per-
spective on the after-life.

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